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What You Should Know About Promotional Merchandise – guest post by Eva at Custom Gear

Promotional merchandise is a cost effective and efficient way of connecting with your consumers, building brand awareness and generating more leads.  Large enterprises often give away freebies so that their potential consumers always remember them and can engage with them. But even small businesses can use promotional merchandise to their advantages.

Set your objective

What is your primary objective? Do you want to increase sales or just increase band awareness? Choose whatever you want, but do come up with KPIs that can help you measure success.  Why is this important? Because your choice of merchandise depends on what your goals are. You get a return on your investment only when you choose correctly.

Select a product

Selecting the right promotional product is vital.  Think about your customers, and get to know them well.  Get all the demographics data that you can about them, and use the information to figure out which kind of products they will value the most. 

Figure out for the duration for which the message should stay with potential consumers. As an example, clothing can be used for a long time.  Whichever product you choose, make sure that its quality is fine and is useful for your targeted audience.

Choose a supplier

Decide three names and then compare each of them using various factors like quality, product range, turnaround time, and cost. While price is important, it still shouldn’t be your only consideration. Other things matter just as much. 

Work out the costs

Promotional merchandise marketing is affordable, but you still you do have choices in terms of suppliers. Your total costs also depend on the product that you select and the volume which you want to produce. Check out all your options, decide a suitable product and volume, and ascertain that the total costs are within your budget.

Come up with a distribution plan

What is the per unit cost of your chosen product? The greater it is, the more targeted your campaign should be. Send out the merchandise to a smaller audience, and then begin tracking your results. 

You can give away these promotional products at meetings, conferences, exhibitions or networking events. Rather than just sending away the gift with the ordered product or mailing them, give it to them face to face for a deeper connection.

If your promotional product isn’t so expensive, then you can just include it with your packaged products or leave it at your kiosk for consumers to pick up.

If you sell your products or services to another business rather than individual consumers, then can be a good choice.