The Quest: life, land and loss in Cambodia” Exhibit Opening – 29 May 2013

“The Quest: live, land and loss in Cambodia”

On Wednesday 29 May 2013, John Vink’s exhibit of 30 pictures opened at Meta House. Vink has been documenting forced eviction in Cambodia for the last 11 years.

Collage credit: Paul Rolston

The exhibit hit a raw nerve as this is exactly what is going to happen to the people I’ve gotten to know at the old dump.

Photos from the "Quest for Land" exhibit.
Photos from “The Quest” exhibit.

As Lay Vichika said, “Yes. I’m worried. We don’t know when they are going to kick us out. And we have nowhere to go.”

Here is the link to the iPad app where you can order a copy of Vink’s 720 photographs that tell the story of the homeless and desperate in Cambodia.

Tony and Scott at the opening.IMG_2095

And here is a clip from the invitation.

Magnum-photographer John Vink covered Cambodian land issues for the last 11 years. The work, about 750 photographs divided into 20 chapters and accompanied with a text by Robert Carmichael, was bundled last year in an app for the iPad, called ‘Quest for Land’.

 For the first time in Cambodia, a selection of 30 photographs will be exhibited at Meta.

At 8PM, we’ll screen Nana Yuriko’s CAMBODIA FOR SALE (2009, 57mins, Khmer/Engl.). The German filmmaker tells the powerful story of communities that struggle against forced evictions.


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