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9 Tips for Packing on a Business Trip – Guest Post by Yousuf A. Raza



Anyone who travels for work knows that every second of the trip is essential and everything that is possible to do to make the stay away from home is a great help. Starting with the suitcase!who travels to work knows that every second of the trip is essential and Anyone everything that is possible to do to make the stay away from home is a great help. Starting with the suitcase! 

Some entrepreneurs have shared with Business Insider their tips on how to pack a suitcase with everything you need and make life quicker during a business class flight with cheap tickets. Check out the following tips.

1.Choose a few colors

Pack your suitcase with just a palette of colors, and preferably some dark tone. There are two less things to worry about: you do not need to think about combinations and dark colors hide stains or small dirt in case any unforeseen occur.

  1. Have a kit of essentials

A last-minute meeting or an off-budget business dinner is common on business trips. So it is important to have a kit of essential and varied items always at hand. So keep your personal belongings, cables and chargers necessary for your electronic devices and documents always around if you need them for some reason.

  1. Check the weight of your suitcase at home

Always check the baggage weight limit of the airline you are going to use cheap flights and check the weight of your bag before arriving at the airport.

  1. Two suits are enough

For men, two suits should be more than enough for the trip. With shirt changes, you have no problem keeping the same suits.

For women the ideal are two blazers and for each pair of pants and a skirt, one can be used already on the way, to avoid extra luggage.

  1. Learn to bend without kneading

One tip to minimize the creases of a suit is to fold it from the inside out and wrap it around soft items, not to press the fabric and not knead much while traveling. In addition, you can carry an extra belt to put on the collar of the shirt to prevent it from forming creases and marks.

Instead of folding your clothes, one option is to roll up shirts and pants to save space and avoid creases in clothing.

Divide the luggage by weights inside the bag 

Place the heavier items near the wheels of the bag and the lighter stack of clothes on top to keep the bag balanced. Thus, the heavier items do not crush the lighter ones and the clothes knead less.

  1. Shoes and extra spaces

The shoes can be used as a space to put the socks or some object of the same size, to preserve the format of the shoe and to save space

  1. Portable Battery

In a business trip it is important to ensure that the battery of your appliances lasts until the arrival at the destination point. Charge everything before you board or carry portable chargers.

  1. Copies

As a precaution, always carry a copy of your passport, driver’s license among other necessary documents or have a photo of them saved on your phone.

If something is lost, the process of retrieving items will be infinitely easier. And along the same lines, always have copies of presentations and paperwork. Therefore, cheap ticket flights are available if you buy online in advance as it’s always good to be safe!


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