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How Education Can Reduce Crime – guest post by Scott Groza

How Education Can Reduce Crime

Education is an effective way to reduce crime and combat adversity. Instead of harsher laws to prevent crime, individuals can attain productivity in society with training and education. This can reduce the murder and crime rates, decrease the number of inmates in prison, and save both resources and money. 

There have been numerous studies conducted regarding the impact of education on crime. One study concerned children ages three to four, participating for fifteen years in an educational program. The study showed the children not enrolled in the preschool program did not have the same developmental opportunities as the other children. The chances of these kids being arrested before they turned eighteen was seventy percent higher than those who attended preschool. The study proved a child’s early development and education is critical regarding the development of their mental health. This can help prevent these children from committing crimes when they are older. 

The education children receive in the early stages plays a significant role in the development of their mental health. During a child’s first three years of life their behavioral and cognitive traits develop. This development provides the basis for their personalities in the future. One of the most important aspects are the learning skills children are taught during this time. This includes the best way to deal with confrontations and problems. When the child learns in an environment in which they feel safe, their confrontational skills are better developed. When a young child acts out due to difficulties with cooperation, they are taught non-violent and safe ways to handle their feelings in the educational program. There are instructors and teaches to show the child effective ways to channel any negative energy and frustrations into productive actions. The child gains the ability to control their discomfort and anger.

These characteristics and behavioral traits provide the basis for the mental health of the child. As the child grows, the concepts they have learned remain a part of their characteristics. When the child grows in an environment that is violent and abusive, and they do not have educational support available, the odds of becoming a potential criminal or a juvenile delinquent are significantly higher.

When issues regarding preventing crime are talked about in society, reactive measures and retaliation are the most common defense. If a community is experiencing an unusual amount of substance abuse, the immediate reaction is to incorporate harsher penalties and punishments to discourage further abuse. If the stricter punishments do not have any effect, the next step is usually to find a way to make the substances more difficult to attain. This places the focus on the prevention of the actions, but does not take the motivation into consideration. Education can have a much greater effect than punishment.

When education is made the primary goal in a child’s early education, the result is often less interest in committing a crime as the child grows into adulthood. An educational focus enables a more permanent solution to reducing crime due to the shift in mentality provided by the child’s upbringing and education. Role models are necessary to provide a strong moral compass to deter crime. This often comes from educators and teachers who have earned the respect and admiration of the child. This becomes especially important when the child’s parents work, and do not have as much time available to spend with their children. This lack of a role model can play a large role in the child committing a crime in the future.

When the child is attending a daycare program or a preschool, the void is successfully filled. Well planned programs, and educated teachers can teach the importance of morality to the children. The most critical years for these programs are preschool through grade twelve. These are the years the child develops their moral compass, and are given preparation to become a part of the workforce. This is when the life of the child starts to be determined.

Harsher laws have not proven an efficient detriment to prevent individuals from making errors and committing crimes. People can receive encouragement as children to become productive within society by receiving the necessary training and education. One of the major contributors to crime is poverty. When a child receives an education, and the tools needed for success, instead of turning to crime, they have the ability to build a life.

Education is the best way to combat adversity. Education fights against ignorance, and creates a respectful society with an open mind. When funding is placed on education instead of preventative measures, people become productive, contribute to society, and the number of delinquents is decreased.

Scott Groza  is one of the founders of the Groza Learning Center. He uses individualized academic programs to improve the performance of his students. His lengthy career in education has enabled him to achieve outstanding results by providing students with the development of a comphrenisve educational plan.

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“I’m Starting My Own Business: What Do I Need to Know?” guest post by Jessica Watson

Starting a business is not a single step task. Time is the must thing with intelligence. Getting the title of the business owner is difficult but not impossible.

Most of the entrepreneurs establish the business because they have some understanding of the business. But only knowledge is not enough for the establishment of the business, for the owner of a successful business you have to read the guidelines to start the business. Try to put these instructions efficiently. Although you may have known about the steps that are important for the progress of the business, you have to focus on the significant points that play the decisive role in your business growth and success.

Consider your competitors as a challenge

When you take a step towards the establishment of the business, you have to focus on your targeted industry. You can conduct the short survey of the market to understand the targeted industry. If you have not enough time to perform the surveys, then you can hire another group of experts who can get the results of the survey.

Through the reviews, you can compete in the market. You will be capable enough to move your business towards the success if you have a challenge. So, your competitor is your challenge and by nature, you will perform the best in your business.

Obey the rules and regulations of the business

Successful and well-reputed business must have rules and regulations of the business. It is undeniable that the business which has strong background will have bright future because they have unique identification in the market. So, as a new entrepreneur, you have to take the proper license of your business and also have to follow the rules of the business. The most necessary rule is that you have to pay all taxes that apply to the business. It’s the way through which background of your business becomes stronger with the passage of the time.

Take expert advice and guideline

You may have some advance knowledge of the business and may you discover latest tactics of the business. Your knowledge and information will not compete with the guidance and advice of the expert person.

Only expert business pupils can cope with the business hurdles so don’t hesitate to take the expert opinion. Experts can save your money, time and enormous energy. Different consultants in different fields are playing their role to provide the guideline to the new ones. Business setup consultants in UAE are playing the positive role to give awareness about the business set up to the new business pupil. As business experts are the members of the different business consultants companies. Most importantly, through expert guideline, you will be able to estimate money for the business.

Understand your targeted customers

Your business will grow effectively if it fulfills the demand, requirement, and needs of the customer. It is because; all business services are for the customers. Customers are the real consumer of the business. So, to give growth to your business, you have to understand the targeted customers. You can estimate your targeted customers through the social platforms. Social platforms are the place where you can enquire different type of information from various people and can generate the list of targeted audience.

Do effective marketing strategy

Once you understand your targeted audience and establish your business under the needs of the customers. The next you have to apply some promotional tactics to give popularity to your business and to present your business as a brand in front of the outside world. For such purpose, you have to use the latest and popular marketing strategy. Like the content marketing, social media marketing, and Email marketing. Don’t ignore the promotional and marketing strategies. So, give your proper time and attention to these strategies to get the best outcomes.

Business set up is a way through which you can earn as much as you want. And of course, if there is a chance to make the business then there is also the chance of the loss of money because the establishment of the business is dependent on the investment. The only thing is that you have to stick with your targeted goals of your business so don’t think although the failure may occur in the path of the success. Keep your focus on success rather than failure.

Author Bio: Jessica Watson has been writing for websites and blogs for three years now. She had a fair share of writing in various niches but her main focus on business, finance, and social media, and technology.