J.A. Pineda, Salvadoran poet, author, actor – Guest Post



Cracking whips awake the quiet sea of dreams

steel blue waves peel across the razor sharp reef

black mambas slither, accentuating her grief

towards the otherworld,  her soul careens


The nightingale inquires , Where have you been?

as he scales prison walls,  constructed of fools gold

free at last of dire dungeons, open skies to behold

on cats feet he escapes Her Majestys Pleasure mean


The peacock struts, demands, What have you seen?

as the wild boy treads the lost road of rebel souls

feline, across the grass-plot his heart sings and tolls

leaving behind the carnage of penal colony obscene


Like a jaguar in the jungle he bounds into a secret garden

there did Voltaire hunger and quest in search of Eldorado

as the plum tree did dance in the wind screaming, bravo

the big cat outruns the handcuffs and rifles of men


On intoxicating mescalito drinks does he now feast

the perfumed air of thrall girl excites and lingers

the sands of time run through his bejeweled fingers

lest he become a revenant, as the moon rises oer the east


The thrall girl  on a stringed instrument does play

guides him away from the realm of the dead

he drunk on heady wine and cannabis bread

the warrior is fated not to die on this divine day


Once they flattered and deceived in order to betray

fawned and smiled to plunder and stab him in the back

the reef is dotted with sea urchins of  claret and black

from chains his soul is saved as the thrall girl does pray

Up close and personal.
Up close and personal.


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