“Life Is” by Daniel Rothenberg

According to photographer and philosopher Daniel Rothenberg,IMG_2337 “Life Is? Life is work. Life is struggle. Life is learning. Life is shopping, eating, moving from a to b and back again, all this and more, many times everyday. Life is fear. Life is hope. Life is play. Life is celebration. Life is friends. Life is family. Life is love. Life is what it is and if we try to be a quiet, gracefully involved witness, if we think like a child, every moment viewed with curiosity, then every moment will be a new one, unique and filled with wonderful elements for us to enjoy and grow from.IMG_2379IMG_2331

For me, photography is a community art, it is about the relationships between the subjects, the photographer, and the audience. When it works it opens awareness and understanding and respect and hopefully entertains too. It is about seeing the beauty, struggle, joy, and pain that makes up all our lives and trying to grow relationships through sharing these moments with others in images. It is an ongoing conversation.”IMG_2370IMG_2364

Daniel Rothenberg, a New York born (1959) and raised photographer, calls Phnom Penh home. After 20 years working in the art/design, camera, and production aspects of the independent film making world Daniel decided to move to Cambodia in the late 1990s to pursue some of his other passions, sculpture, photography, and his growing love for this healing land and her people.


While living here, Daniel has worked with many great partners. Previous photo projects include work with Angkor Hospital for Children, Cambodian Living Arts, The Cambodian Youth Arts Festival, The Lake Clinic, Cambodian Childrenʼs Education Fund, Tiny Toones, Epic Arts, Phare Ponleu Selpak, and many many others.


Daniel Rothenberg

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