business-sexThe Business of Sex

Sex is a business. For a sex worker, it is a way of making a living; for a madam, it is a services industry enterprise; for a stripper, it is creating an illusion; for a dominatrix, it is maintaining control; for a consort, it is getting paid for what he might do anyway. This collection of interviews takes the reader into the ordinary lives of people who work in the sex industry. Their stories are told in their own words, offering an insight into the world where sex is a business.


 j-complainingDr. J’s Guide to Complaining

Annoyed your PC doesn’t work properly? Feeling murderous because the incompetents at the call centre can’t solve your problem and you can’t get past them to speak to someone who can actually make a decision? Dr. J’s Guide to Complaining equips you with the know-how, the ideas and the fill-in-the-blank letters to get your problems resolved – to your satisfaction. And it guarantees that you get results.


democracy-qeducation-qEducation Quotations – Democracy Quotations

Education Quotations, and its companion book Democracy Quotations, are collections that will appeal to people who aren’t afraid to think. The methodology of scrutinizing whose interests are being served and questioning everything is as valid as it ever was, even though Marxism isn’t currently a popular political theory. Anyone who is concerned with social justice, racism, sexism and exploitation will identify with the sentiment expressed in these quotations.

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