Education Quotations – Democracy Quotations

democracy-q education-qEducation Quotations, and its companion book Democracy Quotations, are collections that will appeal to people who aren’t afraid to think. The methodology of scrutinizing whose interests are being served and questioning everything is as valid as it ever was, even though Marxism isn’t currently a popular political theory. Anyone who is concerned with social justice, racism, sexism and exploitation will identify with the sentiment expressed in these quotations.

The book is the sort of work you can read from cover to cover. Or you can open it at any page and see what jumps out at you. Students who are looking for quotations to support their term papers will find the work to be proverbial academic candy. Regardless of the motivation for picking up the book, I hope you enjoy the manuscript that has been dormant for over a decade. While the world has changed, the injustices haven’t.

Jody Hanson has taught on Indian reserves in northern Canada, in an African bush village and at universities in China and New Zealand.


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