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DIY Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever

DIY Travel Hacks That Will Change How You Pack Forever

Admit it, packing for your trip can be both fun and stressful. It only depends on how you do it to determine which will outweigh the other. This is an integral part of traveling, especially when you’re going to a far off place. At times, you’re going to need to bring a lot of stuff to ensure that your trip will be a comfortable and easy experience. But with that, comes the hassle of fitting them all in your baggage and hoping you don’t break any airport rules. You’d also want all the stuff inside your luggage to be well-maintained by the time you arrive at your destination and open your bags up. 

Just because packing can be challenging doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. It’s all about finding the right ways in bringing along all your necessities and more. Nowadays, there are even all sorts of travel hacks you can do to make packing a whole lot easier. Check some of them out.

Weigh Your Bag With You

The weight of your luggage is one of the strictest limits of all the airport rules. They can also vary from country to country, as well universal limits laid out by international bodies for the safety of world travel. But how can you assure that your luggage doesn’t exceed such? Weigh them together with yourself. If the combination of your weight and that of your bags haven’t reached the limit, you’re good to go. Otherwise, you can always gauge how much to take off to still stay within the aforementioned weight limit.

Zip-locks are Your Bestfriends

At times, you’re going to have to bring liquids that are necessary for your everyday life, regardless of where you are. But this will also lead you to worry about them spilling onto your clothes and other belongings. A surefire way to prevent this from happening is to place all your liquids inside zip-locks. Your perfumes, mouthwash, liquid makeup, and more will stay secure inside these nifty plastic containers. They also won’t take up as much space in your luggage.

Pack some Clothes inside Your Carry-On

You never know what might happen on your flight or wherever you end up on before you reach your destination. You can, however, be prepared for anything. If you suddenly need to change your clothes, for example, packing some inside your carry-on will do wonders. A drink can spill on your outfit or your seatmate might accidentally vomit all over you (it has happened!). Whatever it is, at least having some clothes handy will save you a lot of time and less humiliation on your trip.

Roll Your Clothes

Wherever you go, it’s important that you secure your bag to not lose anything or leave it vulnerable to thieves. But securing your luggage is more difficult if your the bulk of your clothes won’t allow it to close properly. With this in mind, try rolling your garments instead of folding them. doing so can leave a lot of extra space and allows you to bring along as many clothes as you think you need. Ultimately, it’ll also be a lot easier to close your baggage and have it stay closed throughout your flight.

Turn Jackets Inside Out

This hack will certainly help you in your business meetings or elegant affairs you’ll attend overseas. a jacket is a quick and easy wardrobe piece that can turn any outfit instantly dressier and more appropriate for business or more sophisticated events. But how can you avoid it getting wrinkled during your flight? Turn it inside out. This way, the lining is more exposed to external forces that’ll wrinkle the garment. And when you turn it right-side-in again, the outer appearance of the jacker will still look smooth.

Overhead view of suitcase being packed for vacation

Belts Help keep Collars Stiff

When it comes to your inner garments, the most challenging ones are ensuring the quality of your shirts while you travel. You should note that despite any earlier hack, crisp shirts for evening or business attire should not be rolled up. And in order to keep the collars stiff, roll up your belt and place it within the neck area of the garment. This will keep the collar straight, stiff, and you won’t even need to iron it again when you land.

Place Gadgets and Other Fragiles in Between Clothes

If you have an important business meeting overseas and you’re going to need your laptop and other gadgets for it, you have to ensure that they’ll stay safe within your luggage during your flight. One thing you can do is to place them in between your clothes. The more layers there are protecting them, the more they’ll stay safe inside your bags. More than one layer will do for both below and above your gadgets to ensure such safety. But if you pack them in your carry-ons instead, wrap them with the clothes you’ll be bringing along inside the bag.

Always Bring your USB Wire

If you suddenly lose your charger but you really need to charge your phone, your USB wire is all you really need. Certain establishments, particularly in airports and in convenience stores, you can find designated areas wherein you can simply connect your phone to your USB wire and it’ll automatically charge your phone. In your hotel room, you can also connect them through the slots at the back of your TV. As long as you have your wire, you can charge practically anywhere you go within the city.

Store Items inside Old Sunglass Cases

Sometimes, the worst items to pack are the smallest ones. Jewelry, gadgets accessories, and the like. You’d like them to safe and secure inside your bag, but since they’re so small, it’s easy to lose them and you’ll have to ravage throughout all your belongings to find them. But not anymore. If you have old sunglass cases lying around, you can use them to store all your precious. Your earphones will probably benefit the most, as it won’t end up tangled by the time you land on your destination.

Refill Old Toothpase Bottles

Don’t waste your money by buying multiple pairs of toothpaste for your trip. By the end of one, store your empty bottles aside for future use. And when it’s time to travel again, get your normal sized toothpaste (which are usually large) and extract some to put into the stored travel-sized bottles. IT’s easy to do and a lot cheaper than buying a new one altogether.

Don’t let the packing ruin your trip when it hasn’t even officially started yet. These hacks and more will make life much easier for you, both before and during your world travels!